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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waiting for Embassy

This wait I think is the hardest. I really want my little girl home, and it is so hard for me to be patient and put my daughter's whole wellbeing into the government's hands. I work for a government agency. I am a Social Worker for a County Nursing home. I could never tell family members I can't help them, or I am behind due to the holidays. People's lives are at stake. I am trying to be understanding, but the USE is really pissing me off! Sorry for the language but that is how I feel. This whole thing is just wearing me down. A girl from work is about to have her second baby. She became pregnant when I started the adoption process. I guess I am 102 weeks along - UGH!

Anyway, I am on my pity party today (Actually for the last week). Trust me I know that good things come to those who wait, but when will I have waited long enough. My little girl needs to come home and start becoming part of a family. It is crazy how much I ache for her. I miss her more and love her more than I thought humanly possible. She is such a miracle, and my greatest gift. I know God sent me on this journey, sent me to Ethiopia, to my agency and also to Amara. I know that when we are finally togather God's grace will be abundant.

I can not wait to go back to Ethiopia. I loved it there and I miss it. It is such a wonderful place rich with culture and beauty. The people are amazing and I know that Amara is a lucky little girl to have her roots in such a wonderous place.

Hopefully the next post will be with more news from the embassy, one way or another.

Good Night all.

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