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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moving on UP!

Yes, I moved up. I am number 2 overall and number 1 for an infant girl. I beleive(with fingers and toes crossed and multiple prayers) that my baby is waiting for me, and that I am only waiting on paperwork. There are moments of surreal anticipations, closing my eyes and imagining her, and moments of utter terror. Nothing feels real yet, but my hopes and dreams are alive and kicking. It could be any day, any moment. It could be tomorrow or next month.

For those who have not been through the adoption process, there is immense waiting. there is waiting for paper work, waiting for approvals, fingerprints, Social Workers (those damn Social Workers ha ha), and then waiting to move up the list, waiting on others' great news, waiting for a phone call. Then, once that call comes, I get to wait for a court date, wait for a letter, wait for an embassy appointment. There is a lot of waiting. A lot of anticipation and a lot of heart break. This is just the way it is. I know that God had a plan when he called me to adopt. When he cho( yes he chose ) Ethiopia ( I just happened to agree ). I know that some of my faults have been to have little patience and to be a control freak. Well over the last 18 months I have learned patience, and have learned that there is so little I have control over.

I've learned a lot of lessons. I've grown a lot and I'm grateful for every moment, every opportunity and every one in my life. I believe that, and that is all I know.