Waiting Time

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Not too much

Not too much to say today. I just can't wait for all the paper work to be done, so I can wait for a referral. I am just so excited. I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait. I'm so happy, Yeah!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well my first homestudy visit went well. She loved my home and loves the dogs. Only problem, which really isn't a problem, is that we had to push back the next meeting until the 12th, but it's not really a problem. I felt really good afterwards, she was really nice and she seemed to think everything was ok, so good. Things are coming along right now, well, so I am glad. Just more paperwork, and then the waiting. I just hope I sell the other house soon, so I can have that stress off my back.

I also got my employer reference, and local criminal back ground check done today. Not much more I can do until the homestudy is done.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I know that tomorrow I will be asked why adopt and why Ethiopia? I would love to answer, why not Ethiopia? I think that they want an honest ( non smart ass ) answer, so here it is:

There are so many children in the world who need a home, and I never felt the need to give birth to be a mother, and that there is already a child out there who needs me as much as I need her. I'm a mother who just hasn't met her child yet.

Why Ethiopia? Well there are 6 million children who are orphaned in Ethiopia. I looked into adoption from the US, and although I know that there are many children here who need good families, I feel that God has led me toward Ethiopia, and this is where my heart is leading me.

I hope this answere the two basic questions, because there is no reason why that I can put into words, that my heart is shouting. I wish I could explain more eloquently than this.

Home Visit

Tomorrow is my Homevisit, Homestudy. I'm nervous and excited. I finished some of my dossier paperwork today as well. My house is clean, Yeah! Only problem is my snow guy didn't come today, so I have to shovel tomorrow before she comes. Let's hope the dogs are on their best behavior tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is my story as I begin my journey to adopt. In January, I decided that Adoption was the right path for me. I looked into many agencies, and chose Adoption Associates, and knew that Ethiopia was right for me. On February 4th, I submitted my formal application. I am now working on my dossierFebruary 19. My home study begins on February 25 with Catholic Social Services (at my home).

I had my physical yesterday, and my Doctor was so supportive. My friends and family are unbelievably excited. My mother can not wait to be a Grandma. I am so excited and overwhelmed. This is such a great time in my Life!