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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Support Team

So it has been an incredibly difficult week, but with great sadness and struggles also comes unbelievable support and love. I have gathered togather a great support team, through facebook. I have listened to an international lawyer, got the names of some wonderful private investigators if needed, and was given a case worker with congressman Beneshik's office. I am trying to be as pro-active as possible in a situation I have no control over.

Government beurocracy is one of the most frustrating places to be in the midst of. There were so many of us sent to USCIS this past week. I believe that they will be more interested in helping us get our children home than the USE in Addis, but of course it begins another delay, and every minute counts when talking about our children. I am so disgusted that the USE is trying to affirm their own political agenda through our children. These people want to find fraud and terrible stories to force Ethiopia's hand in joining the Hague treaty. I don't understand all of the details about the Hague, but who are we ( the US govt. ) to try to tell other countries how to run their govt.

This country is filled with so much poverty, but they love their children. I think it is admirable that they understand that they can not take care of every orphan, which is in the millions. No one wants to say they can't do it, but by asking for help and giving such a small number of children a chance at a family shows how much they love their children.

Of course there are unscrupulous people that are working within the adoption community. You will find this everywhere. I do not believe that this is the rule but the exception, and to lump every one into one label makes me ill. We do not need to try to find problems, we need to fix the ones we see. I am appalled by the disgusting behavior of the USE. I am disheartened that my child, along with so many other's children are caught in this political mess. My daughter is not a number or an example, and she needs to come home to her family. I will fight for her, like I have never fought before, and trust me, when I get pissed and on a mission, I become like a crazed lunatic. I am still incredibly sad, and miss her with every beat of my heart, but I am using this as my catalyst to fight, and God Help anyone who tries to stand in my way. Do not piss off a mother trying to protect her child. We can lift cars off of our children, and I plan to move mountains if I have to get her in my arms.

Well that was my rant for the day, I feel better now,

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