Waiting Time

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finger printing appt.

I believe that I can go to Milwaukee next week, which would be great. I'm gonna try for Friday. The sooner I get these done, the sooner my paperwork gets to Ethiopia. One more small step!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The closer I get

The closer I get, the more frightend I become. I looked at my USCIS form today, it was so real. I was staring at it, looking all official, and I feel like a fraud. I feel like it's crazy, someone is going to bless me with a child, and I will be completely and undeniably someone else mother. I know I am doing what is right, in my heart I am more excited than I ever felt. I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to share my life with a child, and what a blessing. With all of this I am terrified. Am I making the right decision. Will I be good enough for her, and the right mother for this wonderous child waiting to call me mommy. I pray for enlightenment and strength to be the best I can be. The wisdom to threat her as the precious gift she is, and the hope that all continues to go in God's path. I know that today, I am closer to becoming a mom, but also closer to being completely a different person. I will no longer be Sarah, but someone's mom. I hope I can live up to that wondrous name and can cherish the gift God is giving me.

USCIS fingerprinting appointment

I received my appointment for my fingerprinting in the mail today. My appointment is for May 18 at 2pm in Milwaukee. I'm hoping I can go sooner, but it may be the 18th. I am so excited, and nervous. Still wondering where I am going to get the money, but I know that God will provide.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I did hear back from my agency, and there won't be any problems with my immigration request. I will just need to send in my amended homestudy. What a releif. I am glad that my first bump in the road will be easily fixed. More bumps are going to happen. I hope I don't panic every time!


I just heard from My adoption agency that there were things missing in My homestudy report. It's kind of disheartening. I really hope this does not screw up me getting my appointment for USCIS. It's my first road block, and I'm a little frightened. Hopefully things will work themselves out. I am a little sad, but trying to be hopeful. Can not do much about it now anyway, except to pray. I've left messages for my agency and homestudy Social Worker. Even waiting for the return calls is hard. So I can only imagine the next several months, and how impossible it will seem. I am so grateful for all my friends and family who have been supporting me through this, and know that I will be ok (for now, lol).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I mailed out my USCIS today! WOW, things are going to so quickly. It's starting to seem more and more real today. I am unbelievably excited and happy. I can not believe I am this much closer to becoming a mom! I think that God is really supporting me. He lifts me up and makes me more comfortable with my dream. God's Grace is so Wonderful.

Another Happy day in the Adoption Process!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Study Report

Whoo Hoo!

I got my homestudy report today, 3 weeks early. I'm so excited. Now I can apply to immigration next week. Things are moving a long nicely right now. I am getting excited, Yeah! I've been trying not to worry about too much stuff, and go with the flow, so that is good, I was so happily surprised. I guess not stressing out about the wait is working (for now), although I know it will only get worse once my dossier is in Ethiopia.